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Anxiety Getting Eyelash Extensions

If you suffer from anxiety, sometimes beauty appointments can be overwhelming. We’ve had many clients over the years who experience anxiety so have strategies and tools in place to help you relax as much as possible during your lash appointment. If you have anxiety about getting eyelash extensions, keep reading on how we’ll make your experience comfortable at The Lash … Read More

EyEnvy Warning: Beware of Fake EyEnvy On eBay

EyEnvy has become wildly popular since September of this year when the American manufacturer closed down leaving the remaining stock in Australia as the last stock that will ever be sold.  However, since shutting down the stock in salons has become increasingly difficult to find as they have quickly been bought out by customers. Many salons only had a supply … Read More

How Your Natural Lashes Affect Your Lash Extensions

Clean eyelash extensions

We help our beautiful clients unleash their lash potential, every single day. It brings us so much joy when a client walks out feeling completely relaxed with gorgeous, lush lashes. However, no two lash clients are ever the same! The desired outcome of your lash extensions depends on your natural lashes too. Keep reading to find out how your natural … Read More

Is Eyenvy Banned in Australia?

The TRUTH – Fact-checked information (December 2022) UPDATE (Dec 5th 2022): EyEnvy has been discontinued worldwide and we at The Lash Spa sold out shortly after due to high demand. We’re now on the lookout for something that compares The information below is now a bit outdated but will remain here for informational purposes… You may have seen some wild … Read More

How to take care of your lash extensions in winter

Lash Extensions in Winter

We’re passionate about lashes – especially lash aftercare! While it’s incredibly important to keep your lashes healthy all year round, there are a few key steps for your winter lash extensions. In winter, the temperature drops and there are lower levels of humidity in the air which can lead to dry skin and hair – this affects the growth cycle … Read More

Seasonal lash shedding: everything you need to know

Now that we’re well into a new season, you may have noticed more lash shedding than you usually have. We’re here to let you know, seasonal lash shedding is completely normal! Twice a year (during Autumn and Spring), our bodies react to the change in temperature and we shed all body hair faster than normal (including lashes!). On average, you … Read More

How to keep your natural lashes healthy while wearing extensions

Professional lash artists

Once you live life with luxurious long lashes, it’s hard to go back! The good news is you don’t have to. With the right care, you can maintain the health of your natural lashes while reaping the benefits of beautiful lash extensions. Keep reading for our top 6 tips on how to keep your natural lashes healthy while wearing extensions. … Read More

Lash Infills / Refills – all you need to know

Lash infill guide

If you’re new to lashes, you’ve likely heard about infills but may not be sure what that involves. Your eyelashes have a natural shedding cycle so as one of your natural lashes falls out, your extension does as well. An infill is a touch-up appointment to refresh your extensions and make them look brand new again. It doesn’t take as … Read More

Can you Wear Strip Lashes on Eyelash Extensions?

Can you wear strip lashes with extensions

Whether you have a costume party or special occasion coming up, sometimes it can be tempting to wear strip lashes on top of your eyelash extensions for a more dramatic look. As qualified lash artists, we strongly recommend you avoid doing this.  But first, what are strip lashes? Strip lashes are a horizontal line of lashes attached to a fabric … Read More

How to take care of your eyelash extensions in summer

summer eyelash extensions care

Summer is right around the corner! It’s the season of beach days, pool parties, sunset BBQs and beautiful balmy weather. Your social calendar is generally more full during the festive season which makes eyelash extensions an absolute must for summer. With full luscious lashes, you’ll be ready to face the day with minimal effort! Keep reading for our top tips … Read More