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Why Should You Get Customised Lash Extensions?

eyelash extension styles

If you’ve seen women flaunting thick and curly lashes, you might’ve wanted them for yourself. They’re certainly getting more and more popular on the Gold Coast. However, every lash, eye shape, and face shape is unique—there’s no one-size-fits-all deal when it comes to lashes. This is where customised lash extensions fit into the picture—you’ll want your extensions to enhance your … Read More


VIP Invite Terms & Conditions – If you are reading this you have been gifted a secret VIP discount by one of The Lash Spa’s beautiful, valued clients. We know how important word-of-mouth is and it’s quite likely you’ve already heard about us from your friend/family member 🙂 We would love to invite you to a special discounted treatment as … Read More

Eyenvy Results We’ve Seen on Real Clients (Photos)

Eyenvy Real Result

The Lash Spa is all about amazing and long-lasting lash extensions! Besides truly talented and skilled lash technicians, high-quality products and general aftercare it also takes strong and healthy natural lashes for the extensions to last well and stay healthy. That is why not only we need to treat and look after our lash extensions after getting them done but … Read More

Instagram Giveaway Terms & Conditions

lash spa greeting lash client

Win a makeover with a friend for National Lash Day Instagram Promotion The winner will be drawn at 8:30pm on Sunday 1st March via random comment picker The prize is 2 x Full Sets of dreamy volume eyelash extensions valued at $160 per person. Included is our complimentary ring cleaning service, iced tea and chocolate upon arrival in a private treatment … Read More

February Updates by The Lash Spa

Dear clients, After carefully analysing overhead and materials increased costs. We are writing to you now to inform you of the necessary forthcoming price increase and to give you adequate notice. All appointments that are currently in our calendar (Feb 14 2020) will be honoured at the previous appointment price. Please note, the Boost Add-on has been discontinued and we … Read More

Classic vs Volume: Picking the Right Eyelash Extension Type for You

classic vs volume lash extensions

You’re ready to get your lashes done, and you seem to have found the perfect style—only to see another style that seems better. With all the choices available for lashes, how do you really pick the right one for you? One thing’s for certain: eyelash extensions are there to help you make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and enhance their … Read More

Is Getting a Full Set of Eyelash Extensions Necessary?

Eyelash Growth Stages

We all shed lashes daily, and lose around two to five lashes with or without any lash extensions. While some lash loss may lead to unsightly gaps, does it mean that you’ll need a full eyelash extension set even if you have a couple of lashes left? It’s like this: typically, lash extensions can last anywhere from six to eight … Read More

Showering and Lash Extensions – Is It Possible?

One of the dilemmas that may bug many is not being able to shower after getting new lash extensions. The answer is you absolutely can shower without getting your lash extensions wet! If you have extensions, here are some of the things that you should consider before showering. Steam Leads to Lash Loss You don’t have to wait 24 hours … Read More

Eyelash Extension Retention: What You Need to Know

Imagine getting gorgeous lash extensions, and marvelling at how natural and full they look. However, how long will they last? Lash retention is how long your extensions will last on your natural lash before they shed or fall off. Keep in mind that each person has a different hair growth cycle so there’s no set amount of time when it … Read More

Dispelling Fears About Lash Extensions and Allergic Reactions

Lash Extensions and Allergic Reactions

If you’ve always wanted to get beautiful, lush lashes, you may think about booking an appointment for extensions. However, are they really safe? What if you were allergic? I get you. At The Lash Spa, we take measures to minimise the risks of clients having an allergic reaction or irritation. In this article though, I’ll dispel some of your lash-related … Read More